Services We Provide

I believe in my treating customers fairly with a great price and performance, they might tell two or three people about my product and service. If you mistreat a customer, they will make sure they tell everybody they know. That is why I offer the following services:

In-Home Consultation
I have over 10 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you create the look and feel that you are looking for.

Measuring Done Righttemp_image
Let me do the work measuring dimensions, assessing your room’s lighting and making sure your purchase is perfectly customized to your home.

Collaborate with a Local Expert
Together, we’ll look to find the inspiration for your room, spend time with the products, and get to know the mechanics, textures and materials you like best.

Seamless Installations
Relax and let me do what I do best. And know whether your purchasing blinds, shutters or shades that you have my personal guarantee that I will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.