Window Shutters

Shutters are more than window treatments; they are built into the window frame as permanent additions to your home that add grace and architectural beauty to your rooms. They come in small to large louver sizes, and can be divided by a horizontal bar, which allows independent adjustment of upper and lower louvers.

Wood ShuttersWood Shutters have been used as an adjustable window covering for centuries. The look is clean and the design is functional. Opened louvers allow high light penetration. Adjusting the louvers varies the light penetration down to full closure. Wood Shutters provide a finished look but valances, draperies, and other accessories may be added to complement any decor.

Why Choose Wood Shutters:

  • Wood Shutters are compatible with any type of interior design you are trying to create.
  • Given the amount of sunshine here in Phoenix shutters allow you to control the light coming in your house. From fully open for a full view to closing all shutters and louvers for an almost black-out effect, what’s not to like about that.

Materials Used:

Our manufacturer, Arizona Shutters, uses High Grade Basswood. Basswood is perfect for shutters because of it’s natural properties like strength, lack of pitch, beautiful uniform grain and low natural moisture content, which makes it ideal for shutters and blinds. Arizona Shutters, kiln dries their shutters to mimic the climate here in Arizona so you don’t have shrinkage.

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